John Travoltage is a rock band from San Francisco. Their gritty, anthemic sound and nihilistic attitude shove a decidedly adult middle finger at the celebrated notions of mediocrity, capitalist hierarchy, and Western exceptionalism that run rampant within the narrative of the modern American nouveau-urban denizen.

Catching a John Travoltage show is the sonic equivalent of being thrown into a blended cocktail of live rock sounds; a unique combination of big vocals and fuzzy guitars shredding beneath sweaty hands. John Travoltage adheres to pop structure for the sake of palatability and dance-ability while simultaneously subverting the inherent nature of pop aesthetics with bratty and iconoclastic lyrics.

 “Recalling everything from the heavier side of Cheap Trick to the scrappy '90s pop-punk of Superchunk, this San Francisco-based four-piece delights with their seemingly boundless energy, penchant for loud, bright guitar lines and wry, pointed lyrics.” – Nick Schneider, The Bay Bridged

Following the release of their “Done to Death” EP release in 2015, John Travoltage plans on releasing a handful of singles (recorded at Different Fur Studios in SF) leading up to a full-length album in 2017.